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ASADA MESH CO., LTD 5th Advanced Screen Printing Workshop

Date: 10th & 11th September 2018

Venue: ESRI Auditorium, Swansea University Bay Campus, Fabian Way, Swansea SA1 8EN

Welcome to the 5th Advanced Screen Printing Workshop/Symposium powered by ASADA MESH and Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, Swansea University.

The presentations during the workshops/symposium held by leading scientists will cover the latest news and developments in Screen Printing research featuring Conductive Inks, Sensors, Batteries, Solar Cells, Smart Textiles, Screen Printing Emulsions etc.

ASADA will provide updates to everyone in the latest research done in their Open Innovation Lab in Kagoshima, Japan.  Around the lecture rooms table top exhibitions will be shown where the speakers or participating companies can present demonstrators and various examples of their work.