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Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating

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Associate Research and Partner Programme

Through its Associate Research and Partner Programme the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating aims to support industry by applying scientific knowledge and promoting  best practice, championing the development of printing as an advanced manufacturing process.

The scope of WCPC Associate Program includes all printing processes and their associated technologies for all applications including publication, packaging, security, fabrics, ceramics, product decoration, polymer electronics, wearable technology, food, and biomaterials.

The annual Associate fee  is currently £1000 (subject to annual review).

WCPC Associate

As an Associate you are making a statement to your suppliers and customers that you and your company are:

  • At the leading edge of process and product development
  • Improving products through better understanding of processes and raw materials
  • Using best practices based on sound scientific principles
  • Utilising expert resources
  • Encouraging excellence through the supply chain.
  • Delivering products to the highest standards
  • Fostering and supporting innovation

Each associate company will have a complimentary seat at the WCPC Annual Technical Conference and access to adhoc workshops.

Associate benefits

  • WCPC Associates have engaged in projects which have enhanced their market position and product offering
  • Networking events allow you to meet with customers and suppliers
  • Credibility of being associated with world leading research
  • WCPC acts as an expert on International and European standards so can provide a conduit for your requirements and concerns

Associate Features

  • Exclusive regular technology webinars on the current projects
  • WCPC Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition
  • Exclusive library of R&D studies and reports.
  • Opportunity for you and your company to present technical open access webinars
  • Associate advice line
  • Free downloads of guides, reports and posters
  • Newsletter updates on science, technology and best practices.
  • Reduced rates for services, courses, workshops etc.
  • Certificate of association and associate links included on website

Sign up now to become an associate or contact us if you’d like more information