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Associate Terms and Conditions

  1. Associates will benefit from:
    1. Access to research and development ahead of the rest of the printing industry.
    2. Public recognition of their role in the printing industry.
    3. Regular webinars
    4. Exclusive access to a website discussing developments in printing technology, forums for discussions of developments and problems in the printing industry.
    5. Complimentary admission for one delegate to the WCPC Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition
    6. 10% reduction on all commercial work under taken by the WCPC on behalf of the company
  2. The WCPC Associate Program is a project created by the WCPC and managed by the International Centre for Manufacture by Printing Ltd (icmPrint)
  3. Associateships will be open to any company enterprise or individual, wherever they are located, that wishes to advance their process understanding.
  4. Any company, enterprise or individual that wishes to join WCPC Associate program may do so by agreeing to these Terms of Association and payment of the annual fee.
  5. The WCPC Associate fees received will be used primarily for the purposes of funding research into printing technology, applications and best practice use. Such research may be funded either by a grant or research contract to third parties. The research may be project specific or may include the sponsorship of bursaries for students.
  6. WCPC Associates understand that generally, information produced will be freely disseminated within the group and in other forums, except where certain restrictions of copyright or confidentiality are imposed with regard to the results of certain research activities.
  7. Any product specific IPR generated during investigations carried out by WCPC Associate Program will remain the property of the company providing the product.
  8. Annual Associate Fees are currently £1000 however they will be subject to annual review.