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Dr Ben Clifford

Research Officer

PhD Thesis: Optimisation of Aerosol Jet Deposition for the Development of Printed Electronics

Dr Ben Clifford is a Research Officer at the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC) within the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Swansea University.  Ben’s research interests lie in the field of digital and direct write manufacturing techniques for applications in printed and hybrid electronics. He is also a lecturer in microcontroller architecture and programming in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department and is a member of the Institute of Engineering Technology.

Ben joined the WCPC as a research assistant in 2016 and has worked on a number of research projects across multiple disciplines. He is currently working on two funded research projects: STREAM (Sensor Technologies for Remote Environmental and Aquatic Monitoring), a European Regional Development Fund funded operation managed through the EU Ireland Wales Programme; and ASSET (Application Specific Semiconductor Etching Technology), a European Regional Development Fund funded operation managed through the Welsh European Funding Office SMART Expertise programme.

Prior to becoming a researcher, Ben completed his PhD in the WCPC looking at the Optimisation of Aerosol Jet Deposition for the Development of Printed Electronics. This research looked at the formulation of inks specifically for use in aerosol jet deposition as well as an investigation into the effects of process parameters on print quality and electrical performance. He is also holds a Masters of Engineering (MEng), first class honours from Swansea University, in Electronics and Computer Science during which time he completed research that looked at the development and implementation of an intelligent monitoring system for care of patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy and at the development of a power logging device for early power point tracking in photovoltaic systems to maximise power output.

In addition to Ben’s academic career he has worked in a number of roles in industry including as a Bluetooth and Electronics Consultant at NextGen Technology and Service Operations Engineer at Vodafone UK.

Featured Publications

  • SJ. Potts, C. Phillips, E. Jewell, B. Clifford, Y. C. Lau and T. C. Claypole.
    High-speed imaging the effect of snap-off distance and squeegee speed on the ink
    transfer mechanism of screen-printed carbon pastes. Journal of Coating Technology
    Research, 2019. Click here for Article
  • B. Clifford, D. Beynon, C. Phillips, and D. Deganello. Printed-sensor-on-chip
    devices – aerosol jet deposition of thin film relative humidity sensors onto packaged
    integrated circuits. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 255(1):1031-1038, 2018.
    Click here for Article
  • H. S. Abid, B. S. Lalia, P. Bertoncello, R. Hashaikeh, B. Clifford, D.T. Gethin
    and N. Hilal. Electrically Conductive Spacers for self-cleaning membrane surfaces
    via periodic electrolysis. Desalination, 416: 16-23, 2017. Click here for Article