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Our Staff

Dr Tim Mortensen

Research Officer

Tim studied his undergraduate degree and PhD in experimental physics at Swansea University, completing his studies in 2013 and went to work on part of the GBar experiment in Saclay, Paris. The experiment involves creating and trapping large number of anti-matter atoms to measure the effect of gravity on neutral anti-atoms.

After returning to the UK, Tim joined the WCPC and worked on a range of projects, creating a novel pressure sensing methodology, printed energy harvesting devices and working on commercial ink formulations. Leaving the centre in 2018, Tim joined a small start-up Vortex IoT as a senior R&D engineer designing and building Thread based wireless sensor nodes. An air quality monitoring device saw commercial success with over 200 devices deployed across London, 70 in Neath Port Talbot and 15 in Swansea by 2021. After the acquisition of the company by Marston holdings in 2022, Tim left Vortex to rejoin the WCPC and work on the STREAM project creating low-cost water monitoring sensors to track the impact of climate change on Irish and Welsh coastal waters.


Featured Publications

  • Y. Mouhamad, T. Mortensen, A. Holder, A. R. Lewis, T. G. G. Maffeis and D. Deganello. High performance tunable piezoresistive pressure sensor based on direct contact between printed graphene nanoplatelet composite layers. RSC Advances, 2016. Click here for article.
  • P. Pérez, D. Banerjee, F. Biraben, D. Brook-Roberge, M. Charlton, P. Cladé, P. Comini, P. Crivelli, O. Dalkarov, P. Debu, A. Douillet, G. Dufour, P. Dupré, S. Eriksson, P. Froelich, P. Grandemange, S. Guellati, R. Guérout, J. M. Heinrich, P.-A. Hervieux, L. Hilico, A. Husson, P. Indelicato, S. Jonsell, J.-P. Karr, K. Khabarova, N. Kolachevsky, N. Kuroda, A. Lambrecht, A. M. M. Leite, L. Liszkay, D. Lunney, N. Madsen, G. Manfredi, B. Mansoulié, Y. Matsuda, A. Mohri, T. Mortensen, Y. Nagashima, V. Nesvizhevsky, F. Nez, C. Regenfus, J.-M. Rey, J.-M. Reymond, S. Reynaud, A. Rubbia, Y. Sacquin, F. Schmidt-Kaler, N. Sillitoe, M. Staszczak, C. I. Szabo-Foster, H. Torii, B. Vallage, M. Valdes, D. P. Van der Werf, A. Voronin, J. Walz, S. Wolf, S. Wronka and Y. Yamazaki. The GBAR antimatter gravity experiment. Hyperfine Interactions 233pages21–27, 2015. Click here for article.
  • T. Mortensen, A. Deller, A. Isaac, P. van der Werf, M. Charlton, and J. R. Machacek. Manipulation of the magnetron orbit of a positron cloud in a Penning trap. Physics of Plasmas 20, 012124, 2013. Click here for article.