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Our Staff

Dr James Claypole

Research Officer

James is a research officer working in the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating on the development of a prototype heated blanket for social care funded by HTC Accelerate. The previous project being on the development of heated garments that were used by Gold medal winning British Olympic Athletes as part of the Application of Functional Micro and NanoMaterials Project. He has a PhD in Nanotechnology from Swansea University, which looked at the use of advanced rheological methods in the study of printing inks and how these can be related to the print performance for electrically conductive materials.


Featured Publications

  • A. Claypole, J. Claypole, L. Kilduff, D. Gethin, and T. Claypole. 1. Stretchable Carbon and Silver Inks for Wearable Applications. Nanomaterials (Basel) 11(5): 1200, 2021. Click here for article.
  • D. J. Curtis, N. Badiei, A. Holder, J. Claypole, D. Deganello, M. R. Brown, M. J. Lawrence, P. A. Evans, P. R. Williams, and K. Hawkins. Assessment of the stress relaxation characteristics of critical gels formed under unidirectional shear flow by controlled stress parallel superposition rheometry. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Volume 222, Pages 227-233, 2015. Click here for article.
  • J. Claypole, A. Holder, C. McCall, A. Winters, W. Ray, and T. Claypole. Inorganic printed LEDs for wearable technology.¬†IARIGAI proceedings: Advances in Printing and Media Technology 46, 150 – 155, 2019.¬†