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Anilox Cell Geometries for Printable Electronics and Flexible Packaging 

The objective of this project is to develop the underpinning science and key definitions that can be used to describe the ink carrying characteristics of anilox cylinders engraved. It will include the study of the ink transfer from the anilox with a view to identifying the key anilox parameters that effect ink release and how these interact with the physical properties of the ink, (viscosity, pigment size and shape, etc) and print process parameters.

There will be multiple benefits to the flexo printing industry of this project including an understanding of the interaction of inks with anilox structures. This will be particularly important for printing of special effects, security and functional inks, such as for printed electronics. The long term aim is not to define the optimum anilox geometry, as this will be influenced by the application, but to produce an analytical model that would enable the ink release to be predicted based on measurements of the anilox and ink properties.