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Project Overview

Fast2light was a major FP7 Integrated Project (IP) aimed to the development of large area deposition processes for the roll-to-roll mass-production of thin-film flexible large-area OLED for lighting applications.

Organic electroluminescence (OLED) technologies offer the potential to revolutionise lighting applications, holding the promise to deliver flexible, thin, lightweight and power-efficient light sources.

OLEDs have been an object of extensive research in recent years especially for the development of glass-based displays. The transition from small area displays to flexible large-area OLED for lighting present a range of technological challenges that need to be addressed.

The Fast2Light consortium was formed to address the challenges aiming to strengthen the leading position of the European Lighting Industry by enabling new technologies and market possibilities. The objective of the project is the objective to develop novel, cost-effective, high-throughput, roll-to-roll, for fabricating light-emitting polymer-OLED foils for intelligent lighting applications.

The scope of the project comprised all of the layers that are part of an OLED lighting foil. The Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating were responsible for the development of highly conductive transparent layers, involving the development of printing technologies for the accurate large area patterning of organic polymers and for the deposition of micro-scale nanoparticle silver networks.

Project Partners

The Fast2Light consortium consisted of 14 partners from 8 countries, including 3 research institutes, 2 universities, 3 SMEs and 6 large enterprises:

Project Details

Duration: 2008 – 2012
Project LeadDr Davide Deganello
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