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Advanced Manufacture by Printing & Functional Applications – 3 Day Summer Workshop. 30th June, 1st & 2nd July 2020


Advanced functional nano and micro materials will be drivers in the 4th industrial revolution as they have the potential to transform the world. Printing is in the midst of a transformational rebirth by delivering benefits across a multitude of industries, helping to increase technical performance and reducing cost. The application by printing and coating of functional materials is a route to the realisation of the efficient manufacture of new products based on new micro and nano materials, such as CNT’s, graphene, nano wires and nano diamonds. Attracted by the possibility of higher productivity rates, lower costs, plus differentiating specifications and applications, companies from all industries are congregating around this large-scale additive manufacturing process.

To benefit from this opportunity there is a need to understand the underpinning science and technology of the printing process and to be able to develop inks which incorporate these new materials

This Workshop provides a comprehensive overview of “wet” technologies for printing functional materials, sensors and large area electronics, together with the methodologies for quality control and product evaluation.


For more information please click here: Brochure for Summer Workshop